Bike Rider Tries To Stop Mahindra Thar Driver Who Was Driving On The Wrong Side.

Written by Prince Chandran
November 07, 2017  

We all know how the traffic scene in India is, majority of the people in India do not follow the traffic rules and some of them don’t even know the traffic rules. If you are a politician or a relative to a politician you don’t need to follow the traffic rules. And majority of the people don’t even mind.


But recently a video have been very viral where we biker tries to stop a Thar driver who was driving on the wrong side. He showed exemplary courage when he came across the jeep coming from wrong direction.

The bike riding young lad stopped his bike in front of the jeep and refused to move even an inch even after being threatened by the jeep driver.

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Bike Rider stopping Jeep


Sahil (22) was returning home from on his bike, when he reached Manisha Market Road, he came across a jeep in the wrong direction. Sahil stopped his bike right in front of the Jeep and refused  to move. Jeep driver threatened to run over him if he refused to move. The jeeps bonnet almost touched Sahils  bike.

All this was happening on the main road where many people were just passing by looking the scene and move ahead. None of them were willing to stand with Sahil.

Later the jeep driver got out of his car and started punching Sahil very badly, in defense Sahil also tried to punch him but the jeep driver was too tall and bulky for Sahil.

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Afterwards  on the  complaint of Sahil Chuna Bhatti police booked jeep driver under sections 294, 323, 506, and 119 respectively.

Nothing about the  Jeep driver is known as of now. But a report is filed against the jeep driver and a police team had gone to arrest the jeep driver.

Kudos to Sahil and what a Braveheart he is. We don’t need more people like Sahil but we have to start acting like Sahil when we see something like this.



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