Bihar Man On Bus To Delhi Gets Arrested For Stinky Socks

Written by Neha Monga
December 04, 2017  

This might be the most cringe-worthy piece of news that you would read today.

A man from Bihar who was travelling from Dharamsala to Delhi on a bus was recently booked for creating a public nuisance with his stinky socks, Hindustan Times reported.

According to the reports, Prakash Kumar, a 27-year-old tourist, was en route to Delhi when he removed his socks and shoes and committed the not so funny crime. He took his socks and shoes off near Kangra.

Quite obviously, the co-passengers couldn’t bear the stench and asked Kumar to put the smelly socks away. But, his continuous refusal to do so lead to an altercation between him and fellow passengers.

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That led the passengers to force the bus driver to stop the bus at the Bharwain police station in Una, Himachal Pradesh, where a complaint was lodged against Kumar. He was handed over to the police.

Una SP Sanjeev Gandhi says Mr Kumar created ruckus at the police station also, but was released on bail.

And it doesn’t end here. Interestingly, Kumar later filed a counter-complaint against his fellow passengers. He said his socks did not stink and the passengers fought with him for no reason.


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