I Bet You Wouldn’t Have Seen A Duck Chucking Down A Bowl Of Peas This Fast.

Written by Prince Chandran
December 07, 2017  

The video of duck eating peas is trending all over Reddit and the people are going gaga over it.

This Duck can easily beat Flash when it comes to eating.

YouTube user Brusty Brab posted this clip of, yes, a duck eating peas really, really fast, and it seems to have found an audience on Reddit.com, where it made the front page on Wednesday.

Without further delay




Users are going nuts over the video, they are commending the no-frills video for delivering exactly what it promises: A duck eating peas really, really fast. Don’t miss to watch the cat.

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As MuzzyIsMe put it: “Succinct title, video gets right to the action, no wasted time pre or post. A++ will watch again.”

“The cat’s like…Yeahhh.. i’m just gonna let you do your thing,” the Redditor wrote.

SixshooteR32 a redditor  commented  ” I have been hand feeding our ducks frozen peas straight out the bag. They didn’t die yet so I think dry is safe too.”

Some had no chills but help  kill the mood, like bleakfast who wrote, “thats not that fast i could take that duck on in a pea-eating contest.”

One person thought that the video was not completed and nobody knows what happened after the video “Aw, they cut the video short. Now we’ll never know if the duck ate all the peas or not,” the Redditor wrote.

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Enjoy video and do comment your views about the ‘Duck’.


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