Beef Ban In India ! Many States Oppose the Ban.

Written by Prince Chandran
May 31, 2017  

Government Imposed a new ban on the sales of cow to the slaughter houses through the animal markets,the complete country is in the chaos of the ban with mixed reaction from different states. this ban may seem very difficult to the poor farmers and there would be less supply of meat industry.

This ban would mostly hit the Muslim meat and leather companies and poor farmers will also be hit because they will be deprived from income by selling the ageing cattle.

The central regulation for cattle business notified this week that only farmland owners can trade at animal markets. The notification covers bulls, bullocks, cows, buffaloes, steers, heifers and calves, as well as the camel trade.

Many state leaders are not supporting the ban as it would very badly affect the farmers. On monday West Bengal CM Mamta Banerjee Opposing the new rules and kerala State CM writing to all CM to oppose the ban.The Puducherry Government also opposed it saying it will not follow the new rules and passed a resolution in the assembly to register its protest against the notification.

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Speaking on the Issue Mamta Banerjee said “Prevention, protection and improvement of stock and prevention of animal diseases come under the state list. So do markets and fairs and also trade and commerce. I don’t know why the center is encroaching upon state matters time and again and taking decisions unilaterally,” She also stated that the Modi government is crossing the ‘Lakshman Rekha’ and told like center the state government is also being elected by the people and the state is trying to endanger the democracy and secularism.

Kerala CM Pinarayi Vijayan has also written letters to fellow state CM’s expressing concern over the recent guidelines issued by the center to regulate cattle trade. He asked all the CM’s to stand together on the issue and he urged the CM’s “to oppose this anti-federal, anti-democratic and anti-secular move, it may mark the beginning of a series of similar measures aimed at destroying the federal democratic fabric and secular culture of our country.” Vijayan had written a similar letter to Modi on May 20, urging him to withdraw the new notification issued by the environment ministry.

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Many protests have been erupted in Tamilnadu on the beef ban DMK working president M K Stalin is to lead the protest on Wednesday, a party statement said. “The decision has affected the village economy. Several states have expressed their opposition to the ban, but the Tamil Nadu government is silent on it, and it is condemnable,” the statement added.

Many states have been opposing the ban on the cattle trade. Lets see where it gets as and banning beef is to protect the cattle or Holy Cow, All the other small cattle’s should also be banned like Goat,Chicken and Fish.


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