ANAROCK hires former CEO Rahul Yadav as CTO

Written by Neha Monga
July 04, 2017  

Rahul Yadav, co-founder and former CEO of, has been appointed as Chief Product and Technology Officer, by real estate industry stalwart Anuj Puri’s newly launched venture ANAROCK Property Consultants.

“This appointment is in line with ANAROCK’s highly technology-driven orientation and business model for its residential advisory services. The online real estate business is still in a fledgling stage in India, and we are taking the lead in boosting it into maturity. So far, the real estate sector has not been able to emulate the success of e-commerce for consumer durables and services, we intend to change that, and Rahul Yadav’s experience in harnessing the consumer housing market at via technology will add the key element. The cutting-edge and highly consumer-focused technology platform and support infrastructure we will build here will bring in a complete transformation of the residential property business” Puri said in a statement.

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Rahul Yadav brings with him the extensive knowledge and experience in setting up of a real estate portal wherein prospective buyers can conduct searches based on geographies, unit size, developers and various other factors

 “As the brain behind a highly successful, technology-intensive platform, Rahul Yadav’s credentials are well- established. Before joining ANAROCK, Rahul also advised Lodha Group for a brief period,” said Puri.

“I consider my appointment as Chief Product & Technology Officer at ANAROCK Property Consultants the logical next step in my career, and it is of course a complete privilege to work with an outstanding industry leader like Anuj Puri,” said Yadav. “Given my product and technology background, I am fascinated by the highly tech-driven approach that ANAROCK is adopting for its residential real estate business, and I already feel very much at home here.”

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In July 2015, Rahul Yadav was asked to leave by its investors as the investors believed his behaviour was not “befitting of a CEO.” Following his exit from, Yadav launched his new venture Intelligent Interfaces, a data analytics firm which also secured investments from some of India’s biggest eCommerce businesses. But the venture failed to make its mark.

Anuj Puri, former Chairman and Country Head of Jones Lang Lasalle (JLL) India, launched ANAROCK Property Consultants in June 2017 after acquiring full control of JLL’s brokerage arm. ANAROCK, which is a real estate brokerage, investment and fund platform, is targeting a capitalisation of $500 million by 2020.

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The firm is currently working on hiring a team of 700 residential brokers by the end of 2017 and plans to spend ₹ 150 crores to mark its presence in both online and offline residential brokerage market.



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