Alaskan City, Barrow Is All Set To Bid Goodbye To The Sun For The Next 60 Days.

Written by Prince Chandran
November 21, 2017  

Barrow is a small city in Alaska which is located almost 1600 miles south of the North Pole. It also the city which is located at the top of the world. Friday is the last day the people of the city are going to witness the Sun.



On Friday at ET 12:45 am the sun is gonna rise and 36 minutes later it will set—and won’t be seen again there until Jan. 22. This is not some strange occurrence it happens every year from  mid November  to January.

And when the sun rises in January, don’t expect it to set until mid August. This is  a place where you will see darkness at mid day and sun at mid night.

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The sun will remain below the horizon, “civil twilight”—that is, when the sun is 6 degrees or less below the horizon—will still provide a dim light for about six hours per day in November and January and about three hours per day in December.



‘We have grown up with the months of dark and light, and what is normal for you would be abnormal for us’, says Papuk Glenn, coordinator of cultural affairs at the Inupiat Heritage Center in Barrow, Alaska. ‘We plan our activities around the cultural calendar, and the calendar is based on the months of dark and light’.

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Barrow will no longer be called as Barrow, when the sun rises the name of the city would be changed. The state has agreed for a new name to Barrow, the town will be known as Utqiagvik (that’s oot kay-ahg vik) as of Dec. 1.

It’s the native Inupiaq name for the town, and “means a place for gathering wild roots.”


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