Adidas Launches Beer and Vomit Resistant Sneakers Ahead of Oktoberfest

Written by Neha Monga
September 07, 2017  

Adidas has just launched a new version of its classic München trainers just in time for the world’s most famous beer festival, which will kick off on September 16 in the Bavarian capital of Munich. The newly launched trainers boast a handful of interesting features, most notably being vomit and beer resistant.

The premium quality leather shoe with speckled laces is made with a special DPBR coating, which is nothing but a fancy acronym for durable puke and beer repellent, which will keep stains of all types clear from the sleek footwear.

The limited edition München features red and white micro-checked inner lining inspired by the traditional red and white checked Oktoberfest-style shirt. The rich brown trainers also have a custom messaging along the Adidas stripes reading “PROST” which means “Cheers” in German.

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However, they don’t come cheap. A pair of sneakers will set you back by a mighty £160.

Guess it’s time to say cheers and drink up!


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