9-year-old books herself £1,000 trip to Disneyland Paris after guessing dad’s PayPal password

Written by Neha Monga
November 09, 2017  

A father was shocked to discover that his nine-year-old daughter had booked herself a dream holiday to Disneyland Paris for a whopping £1,000  (approximately Rs.85,000) after guessing his PayPal password.

Ian Wilson, 53, was fast asleep when his daughter Susan nabbed his phone and went on a midnight spending spree.

The schoolgirl, who claims she doesn’t even know what Eiffel Tower is, spent £400 on flights and a hotel gift card, £214.08 on a VIP trip up the Eiffel Tower and £381.84 on theme park tickets and the Disneyland Express train due to depart the next day.

Mr Wilson, a welding inspector who lives with partner and two other children in Lincolnshire, only realised what had happened three days later when he saw that money had been taken from his account.

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Ian Wilson, 53, (centre, with partner Tracey, 52, son Anthony, 12, and daughters Marie, left, and Susan, right) was shocked to discover Susan had guessed the password on his phone before blowing his money on a trip to Disneyland ParisIan Wilson, 53, centre, with partner Tracey, 52, son Anthony, 12, and daughters Marie, left, and Susan, right.

The companies through which the bookings were made, Yorkshire Bank, PayPal and the travel company, initially refused to refund the money stating that no fraud had been committed, Mr Wilson told the Mail Online.

However, PayPal eventually refunded the money to him, classing it as “friendly fraud”.

“I don’t think Susan really realises the enormity of what she had done,” says Mr Wilson. “She’s said sorry and promised 10 pence to help pay it back,” he adds.

According to the Daily Mail, Mr Wilson is now urging other parents to ensure their children do not have access to their internet devices.

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He said: ‘Have a pin on your phone. I didn’t because I’ve never needed one but I do now.’


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