9 Places In India, Similar To Hollywood Destinations.

Written by Prince Chandran
December 12, 2017  

Some breathtaking destinations in India which put the Hollywood destinations to shame.  India has magnificent glory of culture, tradition and its people. There are many beautiful places in India to visit.

From delicious cuisine to some amazing culture India has many places to explore more and more.

9 Destination’s In India Similar To Hollywood Destinations.


9. Ever wondered the midnight streets in Paris very much resemble the dim light streets in North Kolkata.




8. The Seaside shot from Vicky Christina Barcelona, reminds you of the Marine Drive Mumbai.




7. The Hobitton in Lord Of The Rings, is insanely similar to The Grasslands Of Munnar.

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6. The Argonath statues in Lord Of The Rings, looks so much like the Pillar Rocks in Kodaikanal.






5. The Hogwart’s express in Harry Potter Series, finds its look alike in Kalka-Shimla Express.





4. The breathtaking road trip in Motorcycle Diaries, reminds us of the open roads in Ladakh.





3. The lovely snowscapes in Narnia, resembles the beauty of Nainital in winter’s.





2. The beach side romance in Mamma Mia, leaves us all wondering if its Varkala.


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1. Looking for your ‘Into The Wild Moment’ , spend an evening with the birds on Morjim beach.






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