8 ATM Scams You Wouldn’t Even Notice

Written by Neha Monga
October 12, 2017  

Over the past two decades, the ATM machines have become a necessity in our lives. We use these cash dispensing machines thinking that this is the safest way of getting cash at any time. The notion that something could go wrong never really crosses our minds. Covering your pin and being aware of your surroundings aren’t good enough precautions to be taken while drawing money at an ATM these days.

Scammers are using increasingly sophisticated methods to steal money from innocent users of ATM’s. Card skimmers, cash traps and system hacks are becoming increasingly common, and more often than not they’re hard to spot as they’re fully concealed inside the machine.

Let’s take a look at some of the most common ways people get ripped off at ATMs.

1. Always wiggle the card reader, it may be equipped with a skimming device to records the details from the magnetic stripe of a card.

Always Wiggle The Card Reader

2. The card slot in a tampered ATM will stick out.

Image result for atm scams to be aware of

3. The machine has been tampered with if the headphone socket is sunk in and the alignment is off.

How To Spot An ATM Skimmer: Headphone Socket Sunk In And Off Alignment

4. A tampered ATM will have hidden cameras to capture your PIN.

Hidden Camera

5. Sometime a green piece, like the one in the picture, is put over the card slot to scan your card.

I Always Check The ATM Before Withdrawing Money. Panel Under The Screen Came Off As Well. The Panel Contained A Camera. The Green Piece In The Picture Was Over The Card Slot And Scans You Credit Card

6. The grey box on top has a secret camera and a microSD card which is used to store your personal data before it’s sent to fraudsters.

Went To An ATM I Frequently Use In Houston And Notice Something Different... What Is This Grey Box?

7. Cracks underneath the receipt slot is a sign that the machine are been tampered with .

How To Spot An ATM Skimmer: Cracks Underneath The Receipt Slot

8. False keypad overlays and card skimmers are used to capture your PIN in real time. If the keypad feels loose, thick, or sponge-like, then it may be a fake.

False Keypad Overlay And Card Skimmer



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