7 weird wonders of the sky, ‘freakear’ than ever.

Written by Prince Chandran
October 18, 2017  

The sky near Britan glowed  an eerie red on Monday prompting many folk to wonder whether the Apocalypse was near.

The rare event was also blamed for a nasty whiff over the Isle of Wight and the skies were further darkened by smoke from wildfires in Portugal.

But if you were freaked out by the bloody sun and scarlet skies, check out these other weird weather phenomena.

7. Willy Willy





The myth is that willy-willy  are spirits which emerge from a spinning vortex. Today we call them dust devils, upward spiraling vortices of air reaching up to 1000 ft. Unlike tornadoes, willy-willies grow upwards from the ground, rather than down from clouds.

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6. Lenticular clouds


 Lenticular clouds



So when the wind blows from hilly or mountainous region the air travels downwards. With enough moisture in the air, the waves condense to form unique disc or lens shaped clouds which can be seen up to 60 miles away. And they could explain a lot of so-called “UFO” sightings.


5. Catatumbo Lightening


Catatumbo Lightening


This phenomenon occurs for 160 days  a year but only over the mouth of Catatumbo river in Venezuela. The lightning strikes can last for 10 hours at a time.


4. Brinicles





Brine icicles, or ice stalactites, form beneath sea ice when a flow of extremely cold, saline water is introduced to an area.

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3.  Animal Rain


Animal Rain



The Sky may not rain Cats & Dogs but it sure rains frogs and fishes. Tornadoes and waterspouts are thought to suck the creatures up before “raining” them down again. In 1957 thousands of small fish, frogs and crayfish fell from the sky during a rainstorm in Alabama.

2. Fire Devils.



A tornado-like vortex of flames is formed when a tornado spins too close to a forest fire or when a heavy concentration of heat is generated in a small area.


1. Sea Foam



It is more likely to occur when the water contains algae and waste which reduce the surface tension and creates bubbles land foam.

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The town of Cleveleys, Lancashire and Trearddur Bay in Holyhead, Wales, found themselves awash in “sea snow” as high winds whipped the waves into a frenzy.


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