6ft 10″ Man Has Printed Business Cards, As He Is Tired Of Answering For The Same Questions.

Written by Prince Chandran
December 14, 2017  

Being 6ft 10″ is not a normal thing, it is really very tall that’s a whole six inches taller than boxing champion Anthony Joshua.

People easily get attracted to this height and they end up asking the same question always.

“Do you play Basketball?” is a common one. As is “do you have an extra long bed?”

One 6ft 10″  American man was so irritated with the same kind of question always that he printed a little cynical ‘business card’ of the answers.


The card was first posted by Newton Jesse nine months ago in Reddit and recently ‘Cactus Jack’, from Cleveland, Ohio, shared it on Twitter.

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Others were inspired to make one one for them.



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