Cassini – Huygens, First Unmanned Satellite To Explore Saturn

Written by Prince Chandran
June 01, 2017  

NASA Been hovering all over the space from a long time now, From the Apollo landing to the recent success of the Space Craft Cassini – Huygens a joint endeavour of NASA , ESA and Italian Space Agency . This is the first time ever a spacecraft has reached this close to Saturn belt out of the four spacecrafts which is sent to Saturn.

Cassini was launched into the space on October 15 1997, It took exactly 20 years For Casiini to reach the Saturn orbit , during it course to Saturn it has passed Venus Twice , Earth , Jupiter and reached the belt of Saturn in 2004.

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Saturns Image by Cassini released by NASA





5 things what Cassini The unmanned Spacecraft has captured

1. April,7 2004, Months Before Cassini reaching the Saturn it observed two huge storms which later merged to be a single storm, this phenomenon was observed for the second time on the ringed planet.

2.May 31, 2004 two new unknown Moons have been discovered by the sharp Eyes Of the Cassini, Methone and Pallene.

3. October 24,2004 : The Space Craft came within 750 miles Of the Titan Surface, Titan is the moon of Saturn and getting images of titan from this close range for the first time.

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4. Jan 13, 2005 , Landing On the titan , After being in sleep mode for almost 8 years with Cassini , Huygens has successfully landed on the titan and lasted for 72 hours, this was the first time any spacecraft has landed this distance from the earth. To find,the titan very much has the earth type meteorology and geology.


5. Sunlight At Saturn Is very Low it just receives 1 % of the Earth sunlight.
The Grand Finale Of the Cassini is almost here The spacecraft had its first dive southward between Saturn and its rings on April 26 , and taking a series of Saturn images from very closer than ever , it has to do a few more dives into the rings before it reaches its grand finale on September 15 , which is into Saturns atmosphere .

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After completing the mission the Cassini will burn into ‘Ashes’ on the Saturn atmosphere.


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