5 Things You Did Not Know About Your Favorite Disney Characters. 90’s Kid Would Be Amazed.

Written by Prince Chandran
January 01, 2018  

Disney is everybody’s  childhood friend. Almost every 90’s kid has grown up watching atleast any one show or movie of disney’s.  Not just the amazing graphics and BGM but it is the fact that it has so much history to it.


Since Snow White and the Seven Dwarves dates back to 1938, it’s crazy how much has happened since then.


Here are some facts of Disney that we bet you didn’t know even it is about your favorite character. The Little Mermaid to Toy Story, there are so many fascinating things to learn.


Ariel Was actually based on real character.






The animated character of ‘The Little Mermaid’ was actually inspired from the ‘ Who’s The Boss’ fame Alyssa Milano. It was revealed by Alyssa Milano  in the  Wendy Williams Show  she said that the character Ariel from The Little Mermaid was based on her photos when she was younger which she didn’t know at that time

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Elsa’s Castle In Frozen Changes Color According To Her Mood.






I bet you must seen Frozen a million times now, we know Elsa is pretty magical but you must have missed the main detail in the film, Elsa’s castle which she returns after  coronation ball it changes color according to Elsa’s mood,  blue for happy, red for fear, purple for sadness, and yellow for anger.


Disney Wouldn’t have Existed Without SnowWhite.





If we have Disney today it is because of Snow White And The Seven Dwarves. It was the first full length animated film by Walt Disney’s and fortunately it was a huge success,  in fact, some people theorize that, after being adjusted for inflation, Snow White and the Seven Dwarves is actually the highest grossing animated film of all time. Walt Disney Studios was built in Burbank after the movie’s release, because they paid for it with the profits.

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Peter Pan Was Very Personal To Walt Disney.






Peter Pan is an other early character from Disney. The character was so personal to Walt because, he played  Peter in a play as a kid, his brother Roy was responsible for making it look he could fly. After that he immediately he got author J.M. Barrie to sign over the rights and fortunately, he was successful.


Peter Pan Movie Was Shot In Live Action First.






According to Disney’s official blog Oh My Disney Peter Pan was first shot with live actors playing the roles so that it would be easier for animators to draw the movie. That movie was shot as a reference only, so it was never released, but could you imagine how cool it would be to see it, especially now?

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The live action film would be very helpful for animators because it cant be easy to draw fairies flying over London.






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