5 Inspirational Quotes on Life By Great Chanakya

Written by Karthik KKC
October 02, 2017  

Chanakya( Kautilya & Vishnugupta) is one of the greatest people in the ancient history of India.  He helped Mauryan Empire and other emperors as chief advisor. He was an teacher, philosopher, and royal adviser. He is well-known for his political and socioeconomic skills across the world.

Chanakya was professor at Takshashila University, his famous writings is Chanakya Neeti. It is related to political, social, moral ethics, and people’s mindset.

Inspirational Quotes #1

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चला लक्ष्मीश्चला: प्राणाश्चलं जीवित-यौवनम् ।
चलाचले च संसारे धर्म एको हि निश्चलः ॥

Wealth come and go, life and youth come and go in this world, relationships come and go. But “Dharma” is constant!

Inspirational Quotes #2

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दूरतः शोभते मूर्खो लम्बशाटपटावृतः ।
तावच्च शोभते मूर्खो यावत्किञ्चिन्न भाषते ॥

Wearing a costly dress, a fool may looks like a scholar from distance. But, when he opens his mouth his ignorance comes outs.

 Inspirational Quotes #3

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परोक्षे कार्यहन्तारं प्रतक्षे प्रियवादिनम् ।
वर्जयेत्तादृशं मित्रं विषकुम्भं पयोमुखम् ॥

Friend who talks sweet in front and does harm in back, such friend must not be left like a pot of poison with cream on top of the milk.

 Inspirational Quotes #4

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जानीयात् प्रेषणे भृत्यान् वान्धवान् व्यसनागमे ।
मित्रं चापदि काले च भार्यां च विभवक्षये ॥

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Truth will be revealed when, servant’s loyalty in time of work, friend’s friendship in hard times, wife’s love in time of loss of wealth.

  Inspirational Quotes #5

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दुर्जनः प्रियवादी च नैव विश्वाकारणम् ।
मधु तिष्ठति जिह्वाग्रे हृदये तु हलाहलम् ॥

An evil person  never be trusted even if talks sweet, Because an evil person has sweet on tongue, but has a heart filled with poison.


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