5 Betrayals That Changed the History

Written by Prince Chandran
November 07, 2017  

1.Julius Caesar and Brutus

Autocratic Rule of Roman Emperor Julius Caesar  came to an end, when his nephew “Marcus Junius Brutus” betrayed by taking part in murder against him. Brutus joined hands with Roman Senate during revolt against Caesar.  A group of  Senators attacked on Julius Caesar, as Brutus also stabbed. The last word spoken by Julius Caesar is “Et tu, Brutus?” which translates to “Is that you, Brutus?”.


5 Betrayals That Changed the History - fizzlePic Courtesy: Catholic Exchange

2. Simon Bolivar

Simon Bolivar is an military and political leader, he is considered as one of the popular betrayer in history of “Venezuela, Francisco de Miranda”. He turned against de Miranda on Spain because of his treachery.

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Pic Courtesy: Biography Online

3. James Armistead

James Armistead played a key role in victory of Americans during the Battle of Yorktown. He is an African-American slave and became spy for USA in 1781. He claims to be a British spy and gained trust of General Arnold and General Cornwallis. Later on he gathered lot of information about British troops and their army deployment and he passed these information to remaining American spies.


Pic Courtesy: Black Past.org

4. Guy Fawkes

Guy Fawkes was a member of English Catholics, he started betrayal plan of failure during 1605, on the Gunpowder Plot. He joined against Dutch and fought with Spanish. Guy Fawkes played a key role for planning assassination of  King James by guarding thirty six barrels of gunpowder. Later, he failed due authorities were found him and sentenced him to death.

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5. Mir Jafar

Mir Jafar was head of Bengal army during 18th century. Jafar had conspiration to take over the throne of Bengal. He joined hands with British forces during “Battle of Plassey”. The battle was fought between East India company led by Robert Clive and Indian forces led by Nawab Sira-ud-Dowla of Oudh. India forces fought bravely but due to betrayal of Mir Jafar, British forces were victorious and gain control of Indian subcontinent.


5 Betrayals That Changed the History - fizzle tvPic Courtesy: Murshidabad.net


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