4 Dreadful Places Famous For Horrifying Events

Written by Karthik KKC
September 27, 2017  

1. The Tower Of Death

Tower of DeathPic Courtesy: In Search of Lost Places

Tower of Death is not original name of this building. Kalyan Minaret in Bukhara, located in Uzbekistan. It is a beautiful building of 46 meters tall mostly it is called as Mosque. During Mongols period most of the executions were took place in this building so locals called it as “ The Tower of Death”.


2. Matanza Rivers

Matanza RiversPic Courtesy: The Argentina Independent

Matanza River is the name of two rivers with same word, Matanza is nothing “slaughter”. This river is located in Argentina and Florida and it said to be  both awful rivers. In 1565 Menendez and his men destroyed the French Fort. Eventually he demand for surrender, when Frenchmen reached to Spanish Fort he killed 245 men at a time near the river.

Matanza River in Argentina is famous for dump of wastes. The river was polluted now and it is unfit for habitation. Most of people who lived beside the river are suffering from diarrhea, cancer, and lung disease. Most of them were died at this place.


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3. Suicide Bridge

Horror BridgePic Courtesy: Oddee

Most of the bridges are known to be suicide spots, but I gonna tell you about a suicide bridge named as “Colorado Street Bridge”.  Colorado Street Bridge is located in California and it was built in 1913. About 100 suicides were seen when it was built, most of the people jumped from the bridge. This bridge is near to residential area and locals are used to find crushed bodies on the pavement.


4. Pit Of Bones

Pit of BonesPic Courtesy: Nexter | What’s Next?

It is located in Spain, scientists have found the 160 cave bears, wolves, lions, and other animals. But coincidence is that they had also discovered thousands human bones, researchers were shocked with the results, from these bones atleast 30 were individuals.  Then some tests made on them, and founded that these bones belongs to 400,000 years back human beings which were called them as Neanderthals.


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