3 Bears Hangout Together Outside Taco Bell Until The Cops Chase Them Away

Written by Neha Monga
November 24, 2017  

Now who doesn’t like heading to Taco Bell for a satisfying meal after a long day at work or a night out with friends? I know, we all do and probably that’s what the three bears, who were seen hanging out outside the fast food joint in California, thought.

In the video posted by Placer County Sheriff’s Office, Deputy Nevins was patrolling the Lighthouse Centre in Tahoe City when he saw the trio near the fast-food restaurant.

In the hilarious video, the sheriff asks “What are you guys doing?” and soon one of them begins to make a run for it prompting the others to also run for their lives. As they run off, one of the bears tries to get into a trash can outside a pharmacy before being shooed away by the deputy.

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The video posted to Placer County Sheriff’s Office read, “Well, our resident bear whisperer, Deputy Nevins, was at it again last night in Tahoe City! He was patrolling the Lighthouse Center when he encountered these three “little” bears. Looks like the second one was trying to get into the trash can. We love how they all gathered up and took off together! ‘Here comes the cops, run!!'”

The video has been viewed 114,000 times and shared 1,500 times since it was posted on November 21.


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