October 11, 2017

20 Photos Of People Having A Much Worse Day Than You

by Neha Monga

If you thought that you were having a bad day, these pictures will prove to you that someone, somewhere out there, is having a much worse day than you.

And it kind of makes you feel better.

1. That should’ve been fun, except for one.

People Having a Bad Day — Matress Dive

2. Chilli pizza anyone?

people having bad days

3. Thank your stars for that!

4. Glad you didn’t get busted by the zoom feature.

5. That’s one poor chap.

People Having a Bad Day — Bike Jump

6. Where are the keys?

People Having a Bad Day — Keys

7. This guy is gone!

People Having a Bad Day — Cheater

8. Is the scale dropping a hint?

people having bad days

9. So glad.

10. Just ewww!

People Having a Bad Day — Dog Piss

11. Their trampoline wants to jump too.

people having bad days

12. Where is the towel?

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people having bad days

14. Is that even possible?

people having bad days

15. That’s one way of getting the car down.

people having bad days

16. That’s a lot of work now!

Image result for pictures of people having a bad day

17. Whoaaa!

Image result for pictures of people having a bad day

18. How did he manage to get in there?

Image result for pictures of people having a bad day

19. Did you enjoy the cola?

People Having a Bad Day — Soda

20. Thank you for the pizza!

people having bad days  


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