2 Wingsuit Flyers Jump Off Europe’s Highest Peak And Land Inside A Moving Plane

Written by Neha Monga
November 29, 2017  

We are just trying to guess the number of Red Bulls we would drink before we even contemplate anything of this sort.

But BASE jumpers Fred Fugen and Vince Reffet did not think too much and decided to train for an insane stunt that we can only think of.

The French daredevils, known as the Soul Flyers, have managed to successfully jump from one of the highest peaks in Europe and land inside a moving plane.

The two-minute long video posted by Red Bull, the sponsor of the stunt, on Red Bull YouTube channel shows the duo begin with BASE jumping from the top of Jungfrau mountain, in the Bernese Alps. The two then descend through the air, using their wingsuits, and try to catch up with the flying Pilatus Porter light aircraft. The flyers were equipped with push-to-talk radios to communicate with the pilot while performing the stunt.

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One by one, the men propel themselves into the aircraft using its side door, which was just a few metres away from the spinning propeller. “You need to have skills, focus and there’s also a lot of work,” the pair said in a statement after completing the well-coordinated jump.

The daredevils said they spent several months training for the stunt, which they refer to as “A Door in the Sky.”

“It was the most intense project of our career,” said Reffet. “We had to make the plane safe so we don’t hurt ourselves if we touch it. We also worked on the parachutes so they don’t open too fast in case we touch the plane. But the biggest risk was when we BASE jumped from the cliff. That’s why we wanted to train so much before going to the mountain. In total, we flew into the plane 20 times.”

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The insane video went viral on social media and got 6.7 million views just three hours after it was posted to Facebook on Wednesday. The video has been viewed 40 million times now.


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