17 Of The World’s Most Beautiful Currency Notes

Written by Neha Monga
September 26, 2017  

Ever since the barter system was wiped out of our systems, currency notes have played a very important role in our lives as we all practically use them on a daily basis for every little thing. Each country has its own unique currency, with the currency design depicting the rich culture and history of that particular country.

Here are a few of the most beautiful currencies which are too pretty to be spent and look like a piece of art.

1.Australia – Currency: Australian Dollar

Australia (Currency: Australian dollar)

2. Vanuatu – Currency: Vanuatu Vatu

Vanuatu (Currency: Vanuatu vatu)

3. Singapore – Currency: Singapore Dollar

Singapore (Currency: Singapore Dollar)

4. Solomon Islands – Currency: Solomon Islands dollar

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Solomon Islands (Currency: Solomon Islands dollar)

5. Trinidad & Tobago –  Currency: Trinidad & Tobago Dollar

Image result for trinidad and tobago currency

6. Kazhakistan – Currency: Kazakhstani Tenge

Kazhakistan (Country currency: Kazakhstani tenge)

7. UAE – Currency: United Arab Emirates Dirham

UAE (Currency: United Arab Emirates dirham)

8. Bermuda – Currency: Bermudian Dollar

Bermuda (Country currency: Bermudian dollar)

9. Canada – Currency: Canadian Dollar

Canada (Country currency: Canadian dollar)

10. England – Currency: England Pound

England (Currency: England Pound)

11. Europe – Currency: Euro


12. Fiji – Currency: Fijian Dollar

Fiji (Currency: Fijian dollar)

13. Hongkong – Currency: Hongkong Dollar

Hong Kong Dollar

14. India – Currency: Indian Rupee

India (Country currency: Indian Rupee)

15. Indonesia – Currency: Indonesian Rupiah

Indonesia (Currency: Indonesian rupiah)

16. Papua New Guinea – Currency: Papua New Guinean Kina

Papua New Guinea (Currency: Papua New Guinean kina)

17. Costa Rica – Currency: Costa Rican Colón

Image result for costa rica currency


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