17 Awesome DIY Organisation Hacks

Written by Neha Monga
November 11, 2017  

We are always on the lookout for clever ways to organize our space. It’s just so unsettling to look around and see stuff scattered around the house. Being organized just makes life so much simpler and it gives you great peace of mind, too.

Here are 17 brilliant ways to organize your home:

1. Have an extra magazine holder, use it in the kitchen to organise your kitchen supplies.

2. Use cute and colourful scrapbook paper to upcycle used cans and tins. 

3. Now you have another reason to drink more wine. Use the old wine box for shoe storage.

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4. Put a colourful tape around kitchen and toilet rolls and there you have your wire organisers.

5. Create a jewelry stand from the bottoms of Mountain Dew bottles; just thread them together with a metal rod.

6. Paint Palettes aren’t just for paint anymore. Paint your’s in your favourite colour to give a quirky look. 

7. Hang your sunglasses on a hanger for easy storage.

8. Put some wire mesh in an old frame to create a funky jewelry organiser.

9. Create a trendy laundry pegboard by putting some hooks on the back of a utility door or at an empty wall in the utility.

10. Fold bed sheets inside of the matching pillow case to give them a much neater look.

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11. Roll your tops when packing them in your drawer or luggage. It takes lesser space and all are visible at once.

12. Use an ice tray to organise your jewelry.

13. Stick or paint pictures of plants on spoons and use them as plant/ garden markers.

14. There’s no such thing as enough jewelry organisers. Use empty wine bottles to display your jewelry in most chic way.

15. Paint the cheese grater in your favourite colour and convert it into a funky ear-rings holder.

16. Use vintage drawer pulls to create a tiny space to hang keys, pictures and just about everything.

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17. Free up some space in your washroom cabinet and stop wasting time digging for your tweezers at the same time.


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