November 22, 2017

12 Everyday items with secret uses you never knew about

by Neha Monga

There are so many everyday items that we use regularly without knowing their secret use. Everyday we look at these things and wonder why would that specific thing is where it is or what purpose does it serve. It seems like a failed design that serves no purpose but that’s not always the case.

Most things in our life have actually been very carefully designed by experts, improved and made more useful over the years.

Let’s take a look at some of these everyday items that you didn’t know had secret uses.

1. The little pocket on the jeans

12 everyday items with secret uses

We’re all used to seeing these tiny pockets on our jeans but we never bothered to find out what they’re there for. Turns out, it’s a spot saved for your pocket watch when the jeans were first invented back in 19th century.

2. The indent at the bottom of a wine bottle

12 everyday items with secret uses.

You’ve probably noticed that nearly all wine bottles don’t have a completely flat bottom, like a beer bottle for example. That dent isn’t just for waiters to hold onto when they pour out the wine in fancy restaurants either! It actually controls the pressure when the bottle is fitted with a cork.

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3. Winter hat bobble.

12 everyday items with secret uses.

The pom-poms on your winter hat are cute, but did you know that they were invented to be more than just a nice-looking accessory? Historically, sailors’ caps had pom-poms on them to protect the men from bumping their heads when they were working below deck!

4. Lids As Coasters

12 everyday items with secret uses.

Soft drinks don’t just have lids to protect you from spilling. They can also be used as coasters to protect the surface. Try it!, it’ll fit just right.

5. The hole in a panhandle

12 everyday items with secret uses.

Need a place to rest your spoon when you’re not stirring your sauce? You already know where to keep it! Yes, the hole in the handle of your pan.

6. The tab on a car’s rear view mirror

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12 everyday items with secret uses.

Ever noticed the tab on the bottom of your vehicle’s rear view? Well, it’s there to help the driver to adjust the mirror at a touch, if for example the high-beam lights from the car behind were blinding you.

7. The tiny hole between your iPhone’s flash and camera lens

12 everyday items with secret uses.

The tiny hole between your iPhone’s flash and camera lens is actually a secondary microphone, which helps your phone filter out background noise and capture sounds when you take a video with the back-facing camera.

8. The arrow on the gas tank

12 everyday items with secret uses.

You must’ve noticed that little arrow next to the gas icon, right there on your dashboard. Oh it does serve a purpose! It’s there to remind the driver which side your gas tank is on.

9. The hole in the lid of the ballpoint pen

12 everyday items with secret uses.

Think the hole in the lid keeps the ballpoint from drying out or keep the pressure balance that minimizes the risk of leaking? The reason behind it is totally different from what you’ve been thinking all your life! It’s there to lower the risk of suffocation. If a small child was chewing on the cap and choked on it, the hole keeps their airway from closing up entirely.

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10. The hook on the back of shirts

12 everyday items with secret uses.

Lots of shirts -both men’s and women’s – have this little touch on the back, but why is it there? Simple. For hanging it up on a clothes hook, genius!

11. Chinese Takeout Containers

12 everyday items with secret uses.

They’re not just an eco-friendly way to store the food, they’re meant to be unfolded and used as dinner plates. Then you can put it back up and store whatever leftovers you have.

12. The end of a toothpick

12 everyday items with secret uses.

The blunt end of a toothpick is designed to be broken off easily, to be used as a stand for the toothpick!



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