10 ways to Quit Smoking Immediately – It Works!!

Written by Prince Chandran
August 08, 2017  

Smoking is a very dangerous habit,If you are an avid smoker than these tips will help you in Quit smoking very Immediately .Logically, the best time to quit smoking is immediately, right now. However, most smokers pick a date and promise themselves or others to quit from that day on. This is done by a smoker to buy time and prolong his/her smoking activity.

10 ways to Quit Smoking

1. Hang Out More With Non-Smokers

At your workplace or college anywhere while you take breaks,stop taking breaks with non-smokers. This has to be the first step which you need to take,it may be difficult but it works.

2. Tell Everybody That You Quit Smoking

Tell your family,friends or who ever close to you that you have hated the habit and planning to quit cigarettes.They will encourage you and keep an eye on you to ensure you keep away from cigarettes.

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3.Replace Your Habit 

Replace your smoking habit with a fresh juice habit. By doing this,it also recovers your health and you also would be quitting smoking. Go with juices like grape,pineapple which helps in cleansing your body.


4.Watch Videos of Tobacco Victims.

Watch videos of victims or sufferers of tobacco-related cancers to instill fear within you to quit cigarettes.This really helps in giving up on cigarettes.

5. Play A Sport

According to some studies people who give up smoking and who have engaged in daily cardio activity immediately after quitting cigarettes are able to give up smoking more easily than individuals that don’t. Start playing your favorite sports.

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6. Keep Yourself Occupied

Keep your mind occupied. Read books and magazines you love. Be engaged with your favorite activity.

7. Start Learning Something.

Start learning something new it can be anything if you are interested in music start learning a new instrument which you always wanted to learn . Learn to play a musical instrument that has always fascinated you, it helps tremendously. Woodwind instruments have a calming effect on the mind. This helps shift focus on constructive activities.

8. Have lot of water.

Consume a lot of water when you have recently stopped smoking. Water is an excellent cure. It flushes toxins fast, minimizes craving, and reduces the duration of withdrawal symptoms.

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9.Don’t Carry Cash

Yes don’t carry any cash with you,maintain credit cards or debit cards because a lot of local shops does not have the card facilities.When you cant buy one you cannot smoke one.

10. There Is Nothing Wrong In Saying ‘NO’.

Don’t be an idiot. Say No, when offered a smoke. You will feel good about yourself.When you do this you will have a feeling to yourself that you Quit it.


These tips really work in helping you ‘Quit Smoking’.


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