The 10 most traffic congested cities in the world

Written by Neha Monga
October 06, 2017  

Around the world, city populations are swelling and that’s bad news for commuters

Navigation company TomTom published a list of the most congested cities in the world. TomTom ranks cities by congestion level, which calculates the extra travel time a driver spends stuck in traffic, compared to an uncongested road.

Below are the top ten cities with the worst traffic in the world.

10. Beijing, China (46%)

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9. Tainan, Taiwan (46%)

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8. Rio De Janerio, Brazil (47%)

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7. Chengdu, China (47%)

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6. Istanbul, Turkey (49%)

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5. Bucharest, Romania (50%)

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4. Chongqing, China (52)

Image result for chongqing view with traffic

3. Jakarta, Indonesia (58%)

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2. Bangkok, Thailand (61%)

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1. Mexico City, Mexico (66%)

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