10 Things You’d Only Relate To If You Were The Younger Sibling

Written by Neha Monga
September 08, 2017  

1.That feeling of being called “adopted” multiple times and actually believing it.

Image result for calling younger sibling "adopted" by older sibling

2. Your older siblings using you to play dress up. And then click pictures that haunt you all your life.

Image result for playing dress up with younger sibling

3. Most of your toys and clothes were hand-me-downs, but then you learnt to wear them with pride.

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4. They ruined your ‘Santa is for real’ surprise way too early.

5. Your teachers always compared you to your older siblings.

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6. Being used like a model for all your older sibling’s illogical experiments.

2. You were a specimen at home...

7. The pain of hearing ‘you’re the older one’ and still smiling. But deep down wanting to punch everyone who said so.

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8. The threat of getting killed in a fight by your own sibling because they always felt younger meant weaker.

Image result for brother embarrassing sister gif

9. The embarrassment of your older sibling saying REALLY personal things in front of your friends.

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10. Being a victim of child abuse at your older sibling’s hand. “Sit. Eat. Stop. Get me water.” – You became a pro at obeying orders.

9. You were more trained than a military officer (well not literally).


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