10 Struggles Only Skinny People Will Understand

Written by Neha Monga
September 13, 2017  

Most people think that it is rude to walk up to an overweight person and comment on their weight, while it is absolutely alright to comment on the weight of a naturally skinny person. Skinny people are considered to have it easy. They get to eat whatever they want to, wear whatever they want to, and still manage to maintain their body type. But here’s the thing: being skinny is as tough as it gets.

Apart from being compared to a twig or a toothpick and being told that ‘you need to start eating,’ skinny have had it all.

Here’s a list of things skinny people are sick and tired of hearing.

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1.When you meet up with a relative or a friend and they tell you that you haven’t changed [your weight]. Thanks for reminding me, I almost forgot.

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2. Always being forced to sit in the middle of the car because you are the smallest to fit in.

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3. When your friends complain that they are fat and turn to you to give you death glares.

4. When you say you love food and people give you that ”do you really?” look.

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5. Being told to be careful when it’s windy outside because you might just blow away.


6. When you can’t fit into adult clothing so you resort to shopping in the kids’ section. 

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7. Your friends and relatives tell you that you would actually look so pretty if you put on some weight.

So is being MEAN.

8.People serve you pea sized servings or ask you ”is this enough?” or ”can you finish this?” 

I literally have no control over this.

9. Sorry, you can’t donate blood, infact you need some units for yourself.

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10. People are shocked when you tell them you are going to hit the gym.

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