10 Laws from North Korea Which proves Kim Jong Un has no chill.

Written by Prince Chandran
August 21, 2017  

We have to be very glad that we are living in a country like India where there are rules which nobody follows and than there is North Korea with some bizzare rules which you got to follow and there is no escaping. Try breaking the rule you could be  sent to the labor camp or even executed.

Here are the 10 Bizzare rules 


1.You just have three TV channels to watch.


There are just three government proposed channels in North Korea and what you see in these channels are also decided by the government itself.You cant flip through the channels for a very long time you just have three.


North Korean News Channel proposed By the government

2. Only Government Proposed Hairstyles.

Yes you heard it right North Korean citizens just have 28 government proposed hairstyles . 10 for men and 18 for men. Don’t even thing of growing your hair or trying the spikes you may be sent to jail for that.These are the Government proposed hairstyles.

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3.To live in the Capital city You need have permissions.

Only the loyal members of the government are given the access to live in the capital city Pyongyang. You need to get the state permission to live here.

Capital City Of North Korea,Pyongyang


4. Its illegal not to vote.

You cannot escape from voting here.Every citizen here must vote if not JAIL. Apparently North Korea has 100% voting and the 100% of the votes go to a single person,You know what i mean.


5.Bible are not allowed In North Korea

Bibles have been banned from North Korea to control the religion.The government believes that if people believe in higher power that they might start revolting.If you are found with a bible there are chances you might be executed. The people believe that Kim Jong Un has some magical powers.

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6. Only three castes in North Korea.

North Korea’s founder, Kim Il Sung, established the three-caste system in 1957 to better control his populace. Society is broken down into these three classes: core, wavering, and hostiles. Those who are most loyal to the government were placed in the ‘core’ class and those least loyal to the government were places in the ‘hostiles’ class.


7. Don’t even try to flee from North Korea.

If you try to flee fro north Korea and you are caught You will be executed or consigned to a labor camp. While it is hard to get into North korea itss even harder to leave.

North Korean police Brutality


8. Internet access only to government officials.

The only people who are allowed to have access to the internet in North Korea are political leaders and their families, students at elite universities and members of their military’s cyber warfare department. No one else is allowed online.

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north korea internet By Kim JOng


9.They have their own Operating System.

The computers in North Korea run their own state-made operating system. There is no Window’s and Mac OS in North Korea, only Red Star OS.


10. International calls are not allowed in North Korea.

And last but not least; it is against the law to make an international call in North Korea without permission from the government. In 2007, a man was alleged to have been shot and killed by the government after making a number of international calls.


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