10 Hollywood Films Lead if Re-cast With Indian Actors

Written by Prince Chandran
August 16, 2017  

Frankly i wouldn’t re-cast any of those movies,because they are perfect with the lead cast they have.But if we get a chance to do so than i would cast  these Bollywood actors as the lead of these movies.

I’m here taking  10 of  the best Hollywood movies ever made and change the lead of the movies with Indian actors.

Here the first one on the list is,


The Godfather 1 – Amresh Puri

Al Pacino was the main lead of The Godfather -1, He portrayed the role of Micheal Corleone the main protagonist of Mario Puzo’s novel The Godfather. From Indian cinema it would be Late Amresh Puri who would handle this role by ease.Mainly his appearance match to Al Pacino from The Godfather.

Titanic – Shah Rukh Khan

The younger Shahrukh Khan would perfectly fit in the role of Jack from Titanic.As we all know he is called the King of Romance from Bollywood and the younger SRK’s lean body is really apt for the Jack role.

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The Dark Knight – Amir Khan

Batman’s role was played by Christian Bale one of the versatile actors Hollywood has ever seen. He can get into any role and according to the role he transforms his body. In Bollywood we have the Mr.Perfectionist who also transforms his body acc to the role and gives his 100% for the role.


Psycho – Arjun Rampal

One of the best American movie from best director Alfred Hitchcock. This movie revolves around a motel where we have Anthony Perkins the being the motel manager who kills people who stay in the motel,with a very good suspense at last . Arjun Rampal would perfectly fit in the role here.

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 Inception – Akshay Kumar

The action khilladi is the best option we have for inception in Leo’s place. The action sequences this movie has no other Bollywood star would fit in this role.



Catch Me If You Can – Hrithik Roshan

None would don the con role in Bollywood other than Hrithik Roshan. He would be the perfect fit for the con in catch me if you can of Leo.


Terminator – John Abhraham

Apart from his acting skills John can easily portray the role of Terminator because of his huge body and his action skills. Arnold was perfect though.

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Rocky – Akshay Kumar

Akshay Kumar would do proper justice to the role of Rocky Balboa. Because of his unique acting style and the martial arts.


Hidden Figures – Deepika Padukone, Bipasha basu , Farah Khan.

Deepika Padukone, Bipasha Basu , Farah Khan would be the best cast for Hidden Figures in Bollywood.

La La Land – Neil Nithin Mukesh

There is no doubt in it nobody else would be a fit for this role other than Neil Nithin Mukesh. And he is from a music family.






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