September 22, 2017

10 cheap international trips to take this holiday season

by Neha Monga

We make plenty of plans to travel outside India but drop them due to budget constraints. However, there are many international destinations that one can explore without having to pay through their nose.

Here are our top picks for cheap international trips from India:


Dubai is probably the most popular destination with Indians when it comes to going abroad. A hub for international tourists, this city is known for its tourist-friendly ambiance, shopping malls and several striking monuments.

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2. South Korea

One of the many unexplored destination, South Korea has a lot to offer to all kinds of travellers. From a host of UNESCO heritage sites to national parks, from treks for the adventure junkies to folk villages/temples, there is something for everyone to explore.

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3. Singapore

Singapore is yet another ideal destination when you have limited time and a tight budget. Singapore, with its pristine beauty and allurement boasts of being one of the highest visited countries in the world. Be it for shopping, leisure tours or recreational holidays, the country serves as a popular host among its visitors.

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4. Indonesia

The land of volcanoes, Indonesia also has some of the largest tropical forests and flora and fauna that will stun you. The Indonesian beaches are clear and the blue waters are a treat. Apart from natural scenes, Indonesia also offers a lot of Hindu monuments and temples for the religious.

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5. Bhutan

The ‘Land of the Thunder Dragons’, Bhutan is one of the neighbouring countries that can be visited without the passport.  This scenic country is known for its untouched beauty and other natural wonders, and has loads to offer in terms of culture and Buddhist monasteries.

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6. Sri Lanka

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Another neighbouring country of India, Sri Lanka is amongst the best backpacking destinations in the world. The place is as culturally rich as India and the landscapes, climate and life in the country resembles India to a large extent making one feel at home.

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7. Vietnam

Thronged by plenty of tourists across the globe, Vietnam is not viewed as a touristy destination by many Indians.  It has everything from rugged sceneries in the Northern regions to certain tropical islands. You will also get to eat a lot of different and exotic food, especially different types of sea-foods.

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8. Jordon

Home to the Dead Sea, Jordan comprises of a plenitude of tourist attractions and things to do. Sharing international boundaries with countries like Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Israel, Syria and Palestine, this quaint international tourist destination is known for its historical significance, arts and stunning beauty.

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9. Nepal

Wake up to mornings of snow-clad mountains and lush greenery with rainbows in Nepal. Famous mainly for trekking, there’s a lot of local sights to be explored. And the best part is you don’t need a passport to visit the country if you’re an Indian citizen.

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10. Thailand

Thailand is one of the cheapest international destination and therefore attracts the most number of visitors from around the world. From beautiful white beaches, blue waters and coral reefs  in islands like Krabi, Koh Samui and Phuket to the crazy shopping and lip smacking street food in Bangkok, you just can’t get enough of this country.

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